About Us

Surina and Pieter grew up with camping since their early childhood, she used to camp with her parents in Northern Natal and he used to camp with his parents in the Western Cape. Therefore, they love camping and bought a Jurgens Penta in 2011.

They decided to explore off-road camping. Pieter owns a steel business in Bronkhorstspruit and they are registered truck and trailer body builders. Surina and Pieter visited almost every outdoor and 4×4 expo and gathered ideas from various off-road trailer manufacturers. They designed their own off-road trailer on 3D CAD and started with the manufacturing at the factory. They thought they covered all the basis with their design and were very excited.

Pieter and Surina visited the Beeld Outdoor Show in February 2013 to buy 2 Delux Recliner camping chairs. They walked through the show not really looking at any trailers as the manufacturing of our trailer was coming on very nicely. Surina saw the Invader Off-Road Camper and decided to have a look inside the trailer. Pieter was looking at the closed Invader trying to figure out the concept. Surina ushered him into the Invader. While sitting inside the Invader on the two benches, she said to him that this is exactly what they needed. They will have the luxury of their caravan and can still travel through Africa on a 4×4 excursion.

Pieter is a mechanical engineer and would always do his homework before making a radical decision or a large purchase like that. They had a lengthy discussion with Dan-Pierre from the factory and he asked all the technical questions. Pieter was very satisfied with the answers. Surina convinced him that they could sell their caravan and trailer and buy the Invader. Without any further delay, she signed the order book with Dan-Pierre.

They received their Invader on 3 July 2013 and left for Sondela that Friday. They loved the Invader and was overwhelmed with their new trailer. The towing and camping experience was a dream come true.

They have been in contact with Dan-Pierre on a regular basis. In February 2014, Dan-Pierre contacted Pieter and asked if he could come visit them when they are back in Pretoria for the next exhibition. While having dinner, Dan-Pierre said they thought about growing Invader and needed an agent in Gauteng. They discussed this thought thoroughly and agreed on being the Invader agent in Gauteng.

Therefore, they were Invader owners and became the OFFICIAL INVADER GAUTENG DEALER eight months later.

They have been involved with Invader for more then 5 years and have extensive knowledge of the product. Surina and Pieter were involved with modifications, upgrades and some inputs to the factory for future upgrades and new designs.

Furthermore, they have been using their Invader for 5 years and have started an Invader Camping Club. With the Invader Club they aim to camp 4 – 6 times per year. Surina and Pieter are passionate about Invader and are there to assist YOU, the future Invader owner and current Invader owners, for any questions, upgrades and services they have to offer.